Clever Signs Proves That Your Partner Is Interested In You…!

Mar 05, 2018 @ 12:42 PM By Nidhi Sharma

Clever Signs Proves That Your Partner Is Interested In You…!

Some of the times we all get caught in this type of situation that we can’t judge what is true and what actually fake. Just because of we only believe in only love and we start loving that people who’s our best friend it doesn’t matter that’s a girl or boy, this is for both. We start thinking that how much i love him now he or she would be also love me. But it’s not like that. We love her all things, her all activities, her all taste, her all followers even we start loving that thing we actually hate but just because of she likes that we also start liking that. And when you goes to purpose her she strictly say “NO” we are just only friends. Beacuse it’s not necessary that if you are loving her that she have to be love you back. And that time you got break totally from inside.So dear friends before purposing any girl just check out all these activities that she is doing or not. First notice these all signs then after think to purpose her. So let’s go and check out that.


1) Instant reply On chatting.

We all knows that in today’s life everyone is too busy. It’s very hard to taking out time for any one. But instead of that she is replying you so early or instant then she actually giving you extra priority than others. Might be she has some interest in you that’s why she is doing so.

2) Eyes says everything.

As eyes is the windows of your heart, before saying anything your eyes says all of the things. So if any girl making eye contact to you while talking even if you are doing some your own work she is looking at you. Simply She is interesting in you. But she never tells you that she loves you.


3) Find way to touch you.

If a girl searching way to touch you, like just to set your hair, make your tie, remove fallen hair from the back, while talking- she touches you she will give you high five on every word. That means she really loves you from her heart and she just want to be yours. But some of the girls doesn’t do these all beacuse she feel little bit shy, even she likes you.

4) Always Try To Impressed You.

When she likes you she would never drop any chance any opportunity to impress you. She will wear new dresses, she will try new haircut new lipstick new designed dress many more things. If you find this kind of efforts from your friend then she really loves you, she really wants you.

5) The BFF test.

When any girls in love with anyone usually she shares everything with her best friend. So when you are crossing her and if any friend of her tease her to say anything or force her to make smile, it means they are talking about you. And she shared something about you with them that’s why they are doing so.


6) He is single?

Before purpose any boy girl check that he is single or not. So how they do so, if the girl has straight forward nature she will directly ask you that are you single. But when she is not straight forward then she will ask you these thing in a indirect way that what is your next weekend plan, or what will you do after reaching at home mainly she will ask you that what actually you will do in your free time. If you are free then simply means you are single.

7) Copy Your Everything.

When she really loves you then she would copy you in everything. She will follow what you following. She will follow your star, your dressing sense, your way of walking, your way of talking, your way of smile each and everything she will start copying. Its doesn’t matter that it’s hard or easy for her or she is enjoying that or not she will still do just because of she loves you from her heart.

8) Pay attention and Enjoy everything.

When she likes you she would pay attention in your all talks. And usually people laughs when you crack a good joke but she will laugh and enjoy even you cracked a lame joke. So if any of the girl is doing same just she is yours. And she will always pay the attention in your every word.

9) Indulging In your all choice.

If she likes you, then she start Indulging in what you like. If you like cricket and you love to play or watch cricket then she will ask you that will you teach me how to play cricket and what is the rules of cricket and she would show you the eager that she really likes that. But as she likes you so that’s why she is doing so.

10) Endless Conversation.

When a girl totally comfortable to tell you about her everything then she must likes you. And if any girl tell you about her whole day then she actually trusts you. She would tell you that i went there today, i purchased This today, I’m angry today, i got tired today, i fought with someone today means she will tell you about her everything. And she will make your situation of mind same like her.