Do You Know Shape Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Personality!

Feb 28, 2018 @ 04:19 PM By Nidhi Sharma

Do You Know Shape Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Personality!

Palmistry is an age-old science. Though people don’t place much faith in it, but, the shape of your hands can reveal a lot about your personality. The science of palmistry is based on the fact that earth is based on the elements of air, water fire etc. According to popular belief, the people with these shape of hands have a personality that is inspired by these basic elements. It doesn’t mean that it always reveal good things. Let’s see what yours reveal about your personality.


1) Fire

‘Fire’ hands are characterized by large palms and short fingers. The shorter the fingers are, the more stubborn that individual is said to be.

2) Earth

The ‘earth’ hand type is characterized by square palms and very short fingers. Individuals with this type are said to be very responsible. Security and stability are on the top of their priority list.


3) Air

Air hands have a square or rectangle-shaped palm. The fingers are roughly the same length as the palm. Air hands indicate high intelligence and communication skills. Those with air hands also tend to overthink things. This can make them seem quite detached from the world around them.

4) Water

Water hands have a narrow oblong palm shape, combined with very long fingers. They indicate someone who is imaginative with a flexible personality. They also indicate someone who is very romantic and sensitive. Those with air hands are interested in music, poetry and mystery. They usually find success in work that involves caring for others such as charity and spiritual leading.

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5) Round Hands

People with a soft and round shape of hands have an artistic personality. They have a creative and soft approach towards life. They believe in positivity. They want someone who’s positive and have a fresh approach to life.


6) Firm Hands

People with this shape of hands have strong palms have a leadership personality. They can be relied upon. People trust them when it comes to making decisions. They have a strong personality and people look forward to them. They want a marriage where they can reveal themselves.

7) Square Hands

Here the shape of your hands is square. Square hand people have a practical personality and are career oriented. They are better when it comes to a board meeting. They look forward to a marriage with a partner who has one foot in practicality and who thinks of the long term. Who knew that the shape of someone’s hands can reveal so much.

8) Short Fingers

People who have palms with short fingers have an impatient personality. They ignore details as much as possible. But these people are great planners and they are real gems when it comes to organizing an event. This shows a marriage where the partner is outgoing and enthusiastic.

9) Long Fingers

People with long fingers have an eye for detail. They notice even the smallest things going around. Perfectionist and organized in nature. To sum up, they have a personality like Monica Geller. You want an organised marriage and would want someone who’s organized like you. Hence, it’s aptly said that the shape of your hands can reveal a lot about your nature.

10) The left hand is higher

This shape of hands can reveal a weakness for physical aspects. You are looking forward to a marriage where your partner is handsome and have a lot of charisma. It can be a foreigner or someone quite exotic. Now that’s a personality to look forward to.