Do Not Ignore These Common Mistakes While Applying Deodorant

Feb 24, 2018 @ 04:25 PM By Nidhi Sharma

Do Not Ignore These Common Mistakes While Applying Deodorant

Since puberty, we've been buying and applying deodorant like there's no tomorrow. We thought that all our underarm problems would be solved with a simple deodorant swipe, but unfortunately, most of us still struggle with smelly and sweaty armpits after all these years.The good news is that there are some quick fixes to keep the sweat and smell at bay.Here are eight common mistakes you make when applying deodorant that no one told you about.


1) You're using the wrong type of deodorant for your skin.

What many people are unaware of is that deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing. Deodorants eliminate odor, while antiperspirants block sweat. That being said, you want to make sure you find a deodorant that works best for your body. Sometimes you'll have to endure that trial and error process until you find the best fit.

2) You've been using the same type of deodorant for years.

You've been using the same type of deodorant for years.

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3) You're not applying enough.

Some of us are hesitant to apply a lot of deodorant in fear of all the chemicals inside of them, but you're better off not applying it at all if you're not going to swipe a few times. Make sure to cover your whole underarm area, but know when to stop!

4) You're applying when your skin is wet.

It's a good idea to apply deodorant when your skin is clean, but not right after you hop out of the shower and you're dripping wet. You want to make sure your skin is free of moisturize before you apply. That's how deodorants work best to keep you dry and smelling fresh all day long.

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5) You're applying right after you shave.

Shaving is uncomfortable as it is, especially if you get cut, so it would only make sense that applying a substance on it right after would aggravate your skin. Let your skin have a break before you swipe a few rounds of deodorant on there.


6) You're putting deodorant on at the wrong time of day.

As mentioned before, applying deodorant onto clean skin is the best thing you can do. Also, the best time of day to apply it on is at night. It's believed that it takes a few hours for your deodorant to block your pores and work its magic. If need be, you can apply some more on in the morning.

7) Your armpits are too dry.

We know we just told you that moisture is bad, but that all depends on how dry your skin is. If you're only applying deodorant to your skin, you may be drying out your underarms. Make it a habit to keep them moisturized and hydrated to avoid skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you're using an unscented moisturizer free of harmful chemicals. So moisturize, wait a bit, and then apply deodorant if necessary.

8) Your clothes are the problem!

If you've been applying deodorant on incorrectly, chances are you're constantly having to wash your clothes (even though you've been wearing that shirt for only a few hours!) If you notice that your clothes are unbearably smelly before you wash them, try scrubbing the armpit area of your clothes with warm water and soap before you put them in the wash.