These Common Things You Should Avoid To Wear On A Plane!

Feb 20, 2018 @ 04:41 PM By Nidhi Sharma

These Common Things You Should Avoid To Wear On A Plane!

Not everything we could wear is for all the occasions. Sometimes, we have to analyze the situation and choose our outfit according to it. While boarding a plane there are some things that you should avoid wearing. This list contains all the attires or kind of outfits that you should never wear on a plane for the sake of your comfort.


1) Strong Perfume

When flying in a plane you should avoid wearing strong perfume because as you know plane doesn’t offer much space and in this case, strong perfume easily irritate your fellow passengers. Plus, there could be people with respiratory problems and strong perfume could affect them.

2) Tight Clothes/ Body Hugging Dresses

When your flight is going to be more than of 4 hours you should always avoid wearing tight clothes. Because long-distance flight attendants are already at the risk of DVT which means Deep Vein Thrombosis which could form blood clots, especially in our leg. So, to avoid the risk of DVT always wear comfortable lower, leggings, socks etc kinds of things.

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3) Complicated Dresses

As you know, Airplane Bathrooms are made in tiny compartments and in this case, if you wear complicated dresses like dungaree, jumpsuit then it will be uncomfortable for you to open it. So better wear clothes which don’t have complicated attachments and are easy to open.

4) Metal attachments containing jewelry or clothes

Wearing clothes or jewelry containing mental in them can slow down your journey from checkpoint to the plane as there will be a lot more security checks if you are detected with metal by metal detecting machines.

5) Summer Clothes

If you are going for summer holidays or any hot city then you will wear minimum layers. But you should not forget that the temperature under the flight could be very cold. So, always keep a jacket or sweater in that case.


6) Contact Lenses

If you are going for a long-distance flight then you should always avoid wearing contact lenses because the humidity percentage in flight could be lower by 20% than outside which could make your eye-balls dry which may result in irritation and itchiness in your eyes. So, it is better to never wear contact lenses on a flight.

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7) High Heels

High Heels contains a lot of space to keep the things that are not allowed inside. So, if you wear them, you will be asked to stand bare feet when they check for prohibited items under your shoes. Plus, they have a metal sole which could be detected by metal detector machine and also they may make your feet swell. So, the better option is to wear comfortable shoes that are perfect for all occasions.

8) T-shirts with offensive texts

It is true that you could be detained from boarding your plane if you wear dresses or tops with too much cleavage, T-shirts with offensive texts, revealing clothes, transparent clothes, low-cut dresses, too-tight dresses etc. So, never wear them.