OMG! Most Common Dreams Aren’t That Common! Here Is What They Mean?

Feb 15, 2018 @ 01:27 PM By Nidhi Sharma

OMG! Most Common Dreams Aren’t That Common! Here Is What They Mean?

Dreams are the most common phenomenon and it is nothing new to anybody. There is a perception that Most Common Dreams are a reflection of what all we think of while we are awake. However, some theories say that there is no link between our dreams and the things we do throughout the day. But there are a number of dreams that are very common and a number of people have them. Here we are up with 12 dreams which are very common and what do they mean?


1) Paralysis

This is a state when you can’t do what you wish to do. This situation occurs when the REM and waking up stage overlap.

2) People

A person who appears in your dream frequently means that you miss them and it also states that you lack certain qualities which you desire to have.


3) Water

When the most common that you have often is of water. It clearly depicts the state of your mind. Calm water states the peace in your life, whereas wavy water means instability in your life

4) Physical relation With Love Ones

When you are in a very intimate relationship with your partner and wish to have that is the time when this happens!

5) Food

It is a clear indication towards of knowledge, energy, spirituality, emotions or simply hunger


6) Babies

Whenever you see babies in your dreams, it is an indication towards a fresh start. Be it business, job, love life or anything else.

7) School

This is not similar to going to school. This means that you are going through a test in life and you are not prepared to appear in it.

8) Death

Death has a positive meaning when it appears in your most common dreams. It points at the end of struggle and pain in your life.

9) Falling

If you fall from the height, then it means that things aren’t in your control, whereas falling slowly means that there are smoothness and peace in your life.

10) Being chased

The common feeling of being chased is a strong indication that you are running away from many things in your life.