9 Foods To Avoid If You Want A Flat Belly This Year

Jan 10, 2018 @ 06:52 AM By Nidhi Sharma

9 Foods To Avoid If You Want A Flat Belly This Year

One of the resolution people often take on New Year is to lose weight and get their body in shape. The key to losing weight is taking a right diet, workout regime and a healthy lifestyle habits. All you need to do is keep yourself motivated, follow your resolution with dedication and discipline and have patience to see results. In your thrust to lose weight instead of going on crash diet it is always better to change your eating habits. This means you will need to avoid certain foods and indulge more in healthy food options. You must keep in mind that unhealthy foods add extra calories in your diet which leads to weight gain. It is hence important to avoid certain foods. Here in this post we are giving a list of 9 foods that you must avoid to help you to shed extra pounds from your belly and keep up with your with your New Year resolution. Keep reading : 


1) Sweets And Soda Drinks

According to fitness experts, if you want to get a flat tummy, first and foremost thing you do is to avoid sweets and frizzy drinks. Sweets like candies or doughnuts and deserts do not have any nutritional value, instead they add excess calories in your body. To achieve your weight loss goal eliminate sweets and frizzy drinks. You can however have a bit of sweet bites on cheat days.

2) Fast Foods

As the name the name suggests fast foods like burgers, pizzas, fries fill up your tummy fast. However soon you start feeling hungry again, which means you actually end up eating more. This results in weight gain. Moreover fast foods have low nutritional value.


3) Alcohol

Alcohol again adds empty calories to your body. Often people get beer bellies as they consume beer in excessive quantities however if you want to reduce fats from your body you will need to avoid alcohol consumption.

4) Dairy Foods

According to experts dairy foods are good source of calcium. However they contain carbohydrates and fats and hence should be consumed in moderate quantities.

5) Refined Flours

White grains are packed with carbohydrates which leads to sugar rush in your body. The effect of white grain foods like white bread is similar to sugar intake. Carbs are considered as biggest enemy of weight watchers. Instead of eating white variation switch to brown grains and use whole wheat breads.


6) Fruit Juices

Another culprit that adds excess calories to your body is fruit juices. Although fresh fruit juices are considered better than packed juices, the sugar levels are quiet high in fresh juices as well. Instead cut and eat fruits as it is or enjoy them in form of salads.

7) Snacks

In between our main meals we often munch on unhealthy snacks like wafer chips. These add excess calories and causes increase in weight. You must replace unhealthy snacks with healthy food options like nuts, fresh fruits or raw veggies and nuts.

8) Potatoes

Potatoes are one food that is relished all around the world. However potatoes are just like refined flours. Eating potatoes is same as consuming sugars. They add empty calories to your body and hamper your weight loss process.

9) Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a thick creamy dressing that is widely being used in preparation of salads and sandwiches. Typically to make 1 sandwich, you would use 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise which counts as 90 calories. Alternatively use avocado with salt and pepper to prepare your dressings or sandwiches.