12 Everyday Items With Incredible Functions You Never Knew Even Existed

Jan 10, 2018 @ 06:34 AM By Nidhi Sharma

12 Everyday Items With Incredible Functions You Never Knew Even Existed

In our life, we have millions of products that we use every day for some or the other purpose. Whether you are in high school or you are work, we need to use several items to do a particular task. And we use these products without noticing a few intelligent features they come with. Things that we put in use have unique features that usually get unnoticed by us, but these features are actually there to serve a purpose. For example did you ever wonder why a ball point cap has a tiny hole over it? Or you may have seen a loop at the back of  your shirt many times but you never knew that it is given so that you can hang your shirt on hook without having to use a hanger. Keep reading as we explore more such interesting characteristics of everyday things : 


1) Arrow Next To Pump Symbol

A tiny arrow next to pump in your car is there to indicate which side of your vehicle does the fuel filler cap exists. This is especially useful if you have new car or you rented a car.

2) Pinhole At The Bottom Of Padlocks

The little hole at the bottom of padlock is given to allow water drain, especially when these padlocks are used outside. Additionally if your padlock freezes, oil this hole to make your padlock work again.


3) Discs On Caps Of Soda Drinks/ Plastic Water Bottles

The disc that you see under the plastic bottles and soda drinks is provided to keep everything inside the bottle. The discs keep the liquid as well as carbonation inside the bottle. If these discs are not there, your frizzy drinks will go flat.

4) Indents On Wine And Champagne Bottles

Most of us believe that indents on wine and champagne bottles are there to give an illusion of more liquids in them. However they are designed so that the bottled can take the pressure when they are being corked.

5) Holes In Ball Pen Caps

The caps of ball pens have a tiny hole on the top of them. These holes are there to allow air passage just in case somebody especially kids swallow the cap. These tiny holes ensure that the person continues breathing.


6) Holes In Airplane Windows

Small holes in the airplane windows are there for two purposes. One they are there to maintain air pressure in aircraft and two they prevent windows from fogging.

7) Soda Tabs Holes

The holes on the tabs of soda drinks are there so that you can easily slide the straws in your soda cans. This will prevent the straws from flipping out of the cans.

8) Grooves On Keyboards

The tiny grooves on the letters “F” & “J” are meant for your index fingers to rest while you are typing.

9) Vents In The sneakers

The vents on the sides of converse are not just there’re for fashion. They are there for the purpose of providing ventilation to the sneakers and prevent them from getting smelly.

10) Bumps And Lines On Tyres

The bumps and lines on the tyres are designed to indicate the minimum safe tread height. As these bumps and lines worn down, you know it is time to change them.

11) Mini Pockets In Your Jeans

The little pockets in your jeans are not just for fashion, it was originally designed in 1800s for cowboys to place their watches in them.

12) Tic-Tac Lids

The lids of tic-tac have small indentation on the flip side. These indentions serve as dispensers to get one Tic-Tac at a time.