Best Natural Home Remedies To Clear Your Stuffy Nose!

Jan 04, 2018 @ 06:37 AM By Nidhi Sharma

Best Natural Home Remedies To Clear Your Stuffy Nose!

How to deal with your stuffy nose, Cold is the most underrated sickness. We all know how bad is that, we can’t breathe because of blocked nose, we can’t sleep in any position and pain revolves from head to back of the ears. Sometimes nothing works sometimes sleeping in elevated positions, no steam baths, end number of decongestants, allergy meds. We surely want to stop the sight of tissues on floor and smell of vapor rubs. We have to do something extra to clear mucous. Here are some different, easy and effective methods for clearing out that blocked nose. These home remedies might sound dubious but trying them make you get out of flem.. flem.. condition.


1) Black Pepper

Black pepper is a very strong spice. It is also the basic ingredient of seasoning. Apart from making certain dishes delicious it has many secondary benefits .Black pepper can be stored in several forms uncrushed, grounded and powdered. It makes us get rid of intestinal gas, good digestion. Of course help us treat our nose fiasco. Rubbing some black pepper on hand with sesame oil now, apply this after properly mixing under your nose repeatedly for desired results.

2) Herbal Tea

Herbs are the most remarkable way to cure cold and cough and the most natural. Nothing is more soothing than a hot cup of herbal tea in cold and in warm bed with blanket. A herbal tea consists of variety of spices. These spices when mixed together can be magic. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight flu. It’s a simple procedure to make this amazing tea please follow the below instructions:
Add 1 cinnamon stick, half lemon juice, 1/4 th inch of fresh ginger, half tbsp of turmeric and pinch of cayenne in like 3 cups of boiling water. You can add honey as per you taste. Drink this tea at least 3 times a day to achieve good results.


3) Garlic

We all know garlic adds interesting flavors to variety of dishes. Garlic has large number of benefits over any other spices. It helps to avoid cardiac disorders, keep the level of cholesterol under check which can otherwise block your arteries. It can also be used to increase your immune system. It opens the drain to your nasal passage and helps you to breathe again. It also improves your digestive systems. If you eat 1 clove of garlic daily you are the master of your own immune system. I know eating raw garlic is very difficult due to its pungent taste but health should never be overlooked .You may also boil garlic in water and drink that water daily with no added sugar.

4) Apple cider

When you feel that you are been taken over by this evil called “FLU”. Cider vinegar is pope water to you. We can also benefit from it by various different ways like reduces bad cholesterol. It helps in boosting your immune system you can say by tremendous amount. Intake of this will decrease your suffering in cold and congestion. It will matter of fact will fix that sinus right away.

5) Steaming

It is easy, cheap and will sure make your nose mucus free; fairies will dance in your dream way before you know. You just have to boil some water. Make sure to keep a lid at that pot as you want that hot steam. Sit on chair where you can lean over, cover your head and pot with a dry towel and inhale the steam. In case the temperature is not bearable for you take breaks. For faster results we can add Carom seeds or ajwain too .It will open the pours and will lubricate the respiratory tract too.


6) . Warm water

Well it is the replica of steam. If the weather outside is too hot. You don’t feel like taking steam, dreading burns. You can drink warm water which may also treat your throat and also use a warm wet towel on your face for several minutes. You can even keep the hot water running in the washroom. When you see the room filled with vapors or steam inhale alleviating steam.

7) Tomato Tea

This method is cheaper and far more effective for your stuffy nose. Mentioned below steps are required to prepare this tea.Add one tbsp of lemon juice and freshly chopped garlic in the cup of tomato soup. Add some pinch of salt as well along with this freshly prepared hot sauce. Boil all the above together and drink it daily to bring out the best results.

8) Blow it away

Most commonly used method that is blowing your nose over tissue properly. Try and clear it through inhaling and exhaling process. Sniffing in the mucous as you have to excrete that out. I know eehhhww… but Hey! Spoiler alert: don’t try and do sniffing in public.