10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Fails

Jan 04, 2018 @ 05:56 AM By Nidhi Sharma

10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Fails

I share my condolence to couples who are in a long-term relationship. I know you must be reading this article to read something good and relieving about the long-term relations. But sorry to say I just have bad news. I have to be honest about my feelings towards these relations.I know in this digital world the idea of Long distance relations seems easy and possible. The fact is nothing can beat the warmth of arm around you.Here are 10 reasons why it can’t work if your lover is miles away:


1) 1.You must be fond of the thing (Destiny, Romantic )

Sorry, to burst that bubble but it is not a real relationship. When you log out your account after having that long online conversation, you are making the exits from the status of being a couple. You are fooling yourself living a lie if you think GOD has dropped a ball of destiny but Skype emails face time…are not Gods creations. It’s us who are complicating things by being online just to save relation.

2) 2.The cute promises we make, lose their meanings.

Words are nothing if we can’t act it out for our love. “I will be always there for you”, Thing is you can’t be there you are miles away from her, how can you give her a hug or hold her hand when she is down with something. No matter how many times you express your desire to be there with her always, sending those long cutes messages but all this soon lose their meaning as you can’t back it up with a physical presence.


3) 3. Too much work

Long distance Relations ask for too much patience, a trust which can’t be checked. Waiting for your phone to ring, understanding that he might be busy at work, keeping a track of his schedule in your mind. Waiting for him to log in at night, you waiting on your laptop before bed. It is too emotionally exhausting and shaky.

4) 4.Lose the hang of 3D people

As the time passes, desperation to be with him increase. There, you give in yourself and stay on face time all day long even for days. Like you eat, sleep and roam around in your house with your lappy on and call on. At parties the corner table where you face time your boyfriend. Rest of the people look at you like you are some crazy girl who is obsessed. No one will ever understand how difficult it is for you.You will start losing your touch, being called a party person. You don’t want to be called anti-social. It's not decent to be on phone all time texting him. Telling him you are not busy but clearly, you are ignoring your friend sitting next to you. In short you distant yourself from your family, friends for a boy sitting in some bar and texting you he is busy at work. When you can clearly find someone better right in that party.

5) 5.You are always lonely

No matter how much you love him, how much you want this relation to work. There is always some part of you feels terrible and miserable. You are dying to hold a hand , feel the warmth of someone. Go out on dates, enjoy fancy dinners, romantic outing. You miss all this immensely.


6) 6. No Future of this relation.

This kind of relationship has nothing real in it. So it is not going forward. No matter how much you feel, he is the one. Your saddened heart know the reality. This relation have no future, nothing could have if you both are still miles ways. How long are you willing to take it. The stress of staying this far and giving up trust, security, and love but still not certain of receiving it back it hard already.

7) 7. $ex Life

It’s a very strong reason, don’t underestimate the power of desire. Your frustration, loneliness has taken its heights. Plus the fact you have not been touched lovely for like decade. All this can make you sick, cheating on him is not what you want. But seeking comfort in anyone just close enough for you will be too endearing. No $ex is very hard. Imagining him right next to you in your bed will only make the things worse. You would soon replace the empty side with someone new. Get the tag for being a cheater.

8) 8. Planning that reunion

Whenever and whom so ever has the guts to plan a meeting. Coming so far traveling miles for each other even for a week in a month will dig a huge hole in your pocket. Flights will be too damn expensive. One can expect only one person do all the expenditure. What about when he comes over he doesn’t have a place to stay. A hotel is out of the budget of course. If you plan something for him at a friends place, you both would not have privacy. You will not be able to be with each other as another one will still have to catch up the other routine.

9) 9. Environment around changes you

If you are staying miles away from your lover. He does not have any idea what your friends are like what is your work environment. So there is very minute chance that he would understand the changes that are developing in you. It is good to grow in time and adapted to the society you are living in , but your boyfriend may not understand it. He might feel that you are not into him anymore. Both if you shall start drifting apart.

10) 10. Tedious conversation will put an end to everything

How are You? How was your day? What you did all day? Anything new? Goodnight and I miss you, love you. The daily conversation will be around the above questions. Sooner or later you would get bored and turn it off. All this will not bring you closer as you will not sometimes feel like explaining how well or how long your day went. When the person is close you, he would know just by looking at you how are you feeling and how to deal with it. You need a hug or hot fudge. You know that but he can’t bring any of this to you even if you explain it to him. Hence, all the conversation is worthless just to hear all will be fine sometimes is not enough.